What Is DUI Trap And How To Escape It?

The DUI trap, commonly known as a sobriety checkpoint, is law enforcement used by the local police to see if people driving cars on any particular route are under the influence of alcohol or drugs or not. The DUI trap is usually set up at road intersections during late nights, holidays, and weekends when many people are likely to be under the influence.

How To Handle DUI Traps:

The city police have mentioned over and over again that DUI traps have brought down the alcohol and drug overdose-related crashes by up to 20%. There are many people who don’t mind driving a vehicle after heavy drinking sessions. However, they are scared of DUI traps and the consequences of getting caught by police at these checkpoints, which is why many of them avoid drinking, especially when they have to drive vehicles.

As a driver, you need to keep in mind some important points about these DUI checkpoints for a hassle-free experience. First of all, obey the commands of the officer-in-charge if you don’t want to invite any trouble. He may ask you to lower down the window glass or come out of the car to answer several questions. Turn off your vehicle and do as he says.

Also, carry all the important documents like a car registration certificate, driver’s license, insurance, etc., to prove that you are legally allowed to drive the car.

At DUI traps, the officer-in-charge or his team members may want to run some tests to see if you are under the influence of alcohol or not. Cooperate with them in the best possible way. Usually, the policemen present at these DUI traps don’t need a warrant to arrest people, so one wrong move by you can make you spend the entire night in jail. 

If a situation like that arises, contact a good DUI lawyer and ask him to help you. Do it without any further delay if you want to get rid of unnecessary troubles in a hassle-free way.

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