When Does A Misdemeanor Become A Felony?

Many criminal offenses are misdemeanors (convictions that carry a maximum sentence of less than a year in prison), while some are felonies (charges that may result in more than a year of jail time). However, depending on the circumstances, some criminal actions can be prosecuted as either one. When do charges become felonies? 

What Factors Have An Impact On Felony Sentencing?

Several things can influence a felony conviction’s sentence. A court, for example, may be more lenient when punishing a first-time offender, mainly if the offense was non-violent. If the accused is a serial offender and the felony done resulted in substantial bodily harm to another person, the court is unlikely to reduce the sentence.

If the criminal successfully defends themselves, the sentence may be reduced. Suppose a defendant is charged with felony assault, but the victim knew the defendant consented to the conduct. In that case, the defendant may utilize consent as a defense and have their sentence reduced.

The punishment a person receives is also influenced by state legislation and the sort of crime committed. Whether or whether specified variables were present at the commission of the crime will determine how the charges are resolved.

What Exactly Is A Felon?

A felon is a person who has been charged with and convicted of a crime. It typically means they’ve been sentenced to at least one year in jail or prison, if not longer. Although the legal repercussions of a felony conviction are harsh, many people ignore the long-term effects that a belief may have on a felon’s life, even after they have served their sentence.

In a nutshell, the consequences for your different offenses will be increased. This entails more time in prison, more fines, a lengthier deferred adjudication or straight probation period, and other punishments. The state is more likely to seek jail time if you are accused of many thefts. Adding all of your charges together might have a significant impact on your plea bargain offer. It might indicate that you went on a shopping frenzy. However, the judge must investigate each case of theft thoroughly. Just because they’re all grouped doesn’t imply you can’t separate them based on the facts.

If you are considering felony charges, you should consider retaining the services of a criminal defense lawyer like Mitchell S. Sexner & Associates LLC. Your injury lawyer will clarify how your government’s laws apply to your case, the consequences of a conviction, and what you’d do next.

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